We Believe in Bold Founders.

We invest in bold early-stage founders, building innovative lifestyle and wellness brands with potential for global reach and market disruption.

Shine VENTURES was created to fund and enable startups.

We use our marketing and branding expertise to amplify and drive growth. Through launching and growing multiple successful ventures, Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward know what works and are using that know how to accelerate momentum for other founders.


Jess Hunichen & Emily Ward

Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward are the Co-Founders of the global Talent Management Agency, Shine Talent Group, founded in 2015 with offices in Los Angeles, Toronto and London. Built on the premise of collaboration over competition, Shine has grown a reputation for being an ally to both talent and brands bringing impactful campaigns and creative solutions. 

In 2021 Jess and Emily identified a gap in the body confidence space and founded The BodCon - leading three virtual event conferences focused on sparking conversations around all things body confidence, body positivity and self love. In 2023, The BodCon was sold to Trafilea who will be expanding the brand’s reach and impact on the community. In 2022, after years of developing and perfecting a project management software to support their team of talent managers, Jess and Emily continued their entrepreneurial journey to launch The Thread, a project currently in beta. The first of its kind project management software that was built to support the needs of the talent manager sales cycle, increasing profitability and productivity.

With this success and others to come, in 2023 Jess and Emily launched Shine Ventures as a vehicle to share their experience and invest in bold founders with potential for global reach and market disruption.



Pre-seed and seed stage


Focus on North America startups


Creator economy, consumer lifestyle and wellness. Shine Ventures will release its niche focus annually based on their proprietary trend research.


Ambitious founders who are exceptional brand storytellers. Strong social proof and markers of engagement.


Have a pitch deck? We want to see it. Applicants will be contacted within 5-10 business days.
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